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Hello everyone. Today, I’m doing something quite different from what I normally do; but to be honest, I always do different things on my blog; it makes it fun! Well, today, I’m sharing my secret on how you can improve your blog, get traffic and followers, and how you can become a better blogger. People ask me this question a lot; so I decided to share it with everyone instead. I wanted to wait for my two month bloggerversary; which is next week to share this but here it is. And yes; I’ve been blogging for almost two months now; not a year like someone thought😂. And I’ve learned quite a lot too.

The first thing you need to know about being a great blogger is that, in reality, there is no secret. But, these are some of the ways you can get more followers, increase your sites traffic, and improve your blog; because basically that’s what we all want. It works because that’s what I do; and I basically learned most of it on my own.😀

1. Be Friendly: Most of you might be asking questions like “how does it help?” Or “why?” Well, it works; a lot. It’s actually a handful but the results are amazing. It’s actually one of the main thing I do. It’s all about creating a healthy environment and a link between yourself and other bloggers through reading and liking their post; and leaving a comment if necessary. People like when others can relate to their story (post) or when someone compliments their work. They’ll want to know who it is; therefore, they’ll check your site and follow if they want. Through that simple thing, you get views and followers; although don’t over do it; it’ll just be weird. And sometimes I use emoji’s in my comments as well😊; it’s brightens the atmosphere.

2. Support Everyone: This also goes with number one. There are new bloggers who might be scared that people won’t read their post or like it; but when you support by hitting that like button and leaving a positive comment if necessary, they’ll appreciate it and check out your site. You might not like their topic; but you’ll always learn something from it. If you notice, I always say “leave a comment; if necessary” because you don’t have to comment if you don’t have anything nice to say; except you have a helpful suggestion. 

3. Participate In Daily Prompts: This is actually easy; because everyday, there’s a new theme; and all you have to do is write a response to the prompt, create a pingback, and your post will be added to the list. If you follow daily post, you’ll be aware of everything; their daily prompt, weekly challenge, and community pool. They are all useful means to get your blog out there. I’m mostly into the daily prompt; but sometimes I write whatever I want😅.

4. Love What You Write: This is important; as it goes alongside inspiration. It is your blog; so you are free to write whatever you like; as long as you have a passion for it. If you follow my blog, you’ll see that I barely focus on a single topic because 1) I like different things; and 2) people like different things as well; and with that, I can get different viewers from each topic people might be interested in. If you write poems, short stories, fashion styles, animals, babies, health, even porn; as long as you love what you write, people will like it. 

5. Reply To Every Comment: Some days back, I talked about checking your spam comments on a daily basis. click here to check it out. You always have to like and reply to a comment left by a fellow blogger and reader on your post. If they leave a compliment or suggest something, thank them. If they ask a question, answer it. If they talk about their experience in respect to your post, talk further and engage in a discussion if possible; and give advice if necessary. If they ask you to check out their blog, tell them you will and check it out. Always like and reply to every comment left on your post; it lets people know how friendly and attentive you are; and you guys might end up becoming friends. It happens a lot!

Those a few of my helpful tips which I use regularly. I also realise that it’s not just about getting followers; it’s about getting loyal followers and readers who’ll always contribute to your post and make your time worthwhile. But, you also have to be an active blogger. You can’t post once a week and not read people’s post then expect your blog to grow. When you work hard, you get positive results. If you don’t know what to post as time goes on, republish some of your old posts because while it might be old to you, it’ll be new to others. Don’t forget to tag your post as well. I hope these tip will help others just like it has helped, and is still helping me. If you have any question, feel free to ask. If you think others will benefit from this, reblog and share because just like I’m helping, you should help others. I really won’t tell you guys all my secrets though; that’s why it’s called a secret😂. I’ll tell you guys some other time; just enjoy and use this one for now.

Thanks for reading!😀