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Influencing Stories From Guest Bloggers #1

I love this post so much. Do visit her blog and check this out; don’t forget to give her a follow. This was the first thing I read this morning and it made me happy. Thanks for the interview/guest post. I love everything you said❤

Welcome To Life Memoirs Blog

Hola !!

Every blogger is himself /herself an inspiration because they already took the step forward about which many are just thinking .Each of us when started ,needed some tips ,some inspiration and a mould for conversion of our thoughts and ideas in an exquisite form and even once we become successful we need to rejuvenate.For this purpose I have started a new section ,Influencing stories Of Blogging with some tips from Guest Bloggers which would be shown in Inspiration category of my blog and every week I will try to bring some new tips  for you from my guests as I believe ” Every blogger is unique in their way “

Here I am going to announce my first guest whom most of you might already know,she have an amazing blog and I have chosen her as my first guest because apart from her friendship she offered me…

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Today’s special guest; Okoto

My very first blogger interview; and it felt really great😊. Thanks for this opportunity/early Christmas gift Robbi😀

parent’s at my son’s school…. Don’t treat my son like this.

I came across this and I felt the need to reblog because not only is it cruel, it’s wrong. How can a parent treat a child this? Its emotional abuse; and it shouldn’t be done! If it were your kid in that situation, how would you feel? Society is wrong!




My Interesting Life (>_<)

i found out something a little bit hurtful but it’s not new and we are kind of getting used to it. a parent went around my son’s class and gave out birthday invites to all the children but NOT LIAM.

just because my son has special needs does not mean he’s a bad person. yes he’s a little bit different to the other children but don’t treat him like he’s a bad egg. my son is a lovely , funny, caring happy boy who just wants a friend.

if it came to it i could come to the party’s and keep a eye open on him when he’s having fun with his friends and you don’t even have to talk to me…..

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It’s gonna be fine

I just had to reblog. I love this poem so much! It’s beautiful! You guys might want to check this out😉.
Bravo Monica!👏



Monica Yunnei

I think it’s over.

But my heart is still asking for a little careness.

I think it’s over.

But my eyes don’t listen to me any longer not to let my tears out.

I think it’s over.

But some same feelings can’t be driven away from this crappy mind.

I think it’s over.

But recent soft words don’t want me to consider.

I think it’s over.

But the past we chatted was literally beautiful.

I think it’s over.

But still hope for some short messages jumping into our chatbox.

I think it’s over.

But nothing comes to my mind to see I’m not loved.

I wanna think I’m loved.

I wanna think I’m cared.

I wanna think I was gracefully your girl.

I wanna think this love proudly came to me.

Love is real.

I’m so deal.

Nothing clear.

When it turn tears,

Saying myself dear

I’m gonna be fine…

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